This Is A Great Tool For Parents

I was surprised at how accurate the profile met what I know about myself, it was dead on! My [evaluation] was extremely accurate. Especially the areas of work that suit me best and how I process information. I learned how to make my thought process more efficient.

I really believe this is a great tool for parents. It took me my entire adult life to figure out what my talents were and if I could have cultivated these strengths at an earlier age I would have had more confidence. Since my [evaluation] was so accurate I have found a new level of confidence in the work that I do. I know how to prioritize my time in order to be more effective. I focus more on cultivating my strengths and recognize when something is a weakness for me and would be better delegated to someone who has that strength rather than struggling through it myself.

I will get this done for my kids, once they are a little older, so I can be more effective at helping them cultivate their strengths.

~S. Claggett