“I M I” (Institute of Multiple Intellect) IMI comprising of renowned doctors, Psychologists and Counsellors began its research and development is the field and science of Biometric Brain Mapping Evaluation in 2008. With over 2500 case studies they began developing the first of its kind. A 100% objective evaluation based solely on fingerprints. For the first time it was made possible to derive upon multiple assessments of a human brain to determine inborn potentials. Established and founded in the United States of America by Mr Veshal Shah in 2010, IMI today stands on a gleaming pinnacle of success as an industry leader in offering Brain mapping Evaluations and is the first Institute to globally offer an in-depth comprehensive evaluation that are applicable and adaptable to all walks of life; starting from toddlers, adolescents, teenagers, adults, couples, families to corporate’s and several other customized evaluation programs. In the United States of America alone the science of Brain Mapping is adapted in multiple universities and other research and development centres for studies related to medical conditions, diseases and other disorders in humans for mental and physical behaviour conditions. With a commitment to constantly grow, currently I M I products and services are offered in 4 countries in 4 different languages.