A Strength Rather Than A Weakness

I was amazed at how accurate the information was knowing that all the information was derived from just my fingerprints. I felt that the profile did an excellent job of explaining how my mind works, as well as why my mind thinks the way it does. I found the discussion about the different quotients interesting. I learned that my mind is balanced in a certain way that showed me how my personality can at sometimes contradict itself and still work out.

I had been battling some issues in my personal life that made day to day living a little difficult. In the discussion phase I learned that these issues are not necessarily something wrong with me, but that my mind processes information differently than other people, and that I can be just as useful with my own personal uniqueness. I have stopped looking at myself as someone who is dysfunctional and broken, and found how to make it work for me as a strength rather than a weakness. I have always felt my life was meant for something great. Now with this new information, I can better prepare for what the future brings.

The profile has shown me how I can better utilize my strengths to make a bigger impact on the lives of those I will come into contact with, which has helped a lot. It also confirmed that the career I have chosen will be a good match for me with my own unique personality. I have also learned that I can process information quicker than other people and how to use that ability to better plan for unforeseen events in my personal and professional life.

~T. Stokes