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Education Differentiation

One of the key areas of focus in modern education is called “differentiation.” Differentiation means that educators recognize that each student brings unique skills and personal needs to the classroom. Rather than putting students into a box, educators have moved toward individualized instruction for each student. In theory this is spectacular. In reality this demands that the entire community play a role in the education of our students.

As a parent, it is essential that you take the lead role in the education of your children. You are the director of the community of adults on the stage with your children. Every person who has children may be parents; but, the wisest parents surround themselves with a community of adults who together invest in their children. The chief end being their children in turn becoming wise adults—adults who know what to do with what they have learned. There are a number of essential tools that a wise parent needs to have in their toolbox in order to set the pace for their children. An understanding of your child’s personality (how they connect with others) and the speed and style with which they process information are two of the keys to laying out a game plan for your kids to succeed in life. IMI Infinity has brought together some powerful tools to aid you in discovering how your children are wired innately.

Let us join your community of wise adults and empower you to make deeply impactful and informed decisions about how to invest in your children. You are the advocate who will stand in the gap with your children to ensure that the wise adults in your community have as many of the necessary tools at their disposal as you can possibly bring to the table. Let us help you load that toolbox.

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