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Applications in Learning and Career Planning

pic-dermatoglyphsThe whorls and line patterns on each fingertip are unique for an individual and characterize the innate multiple intellects within that person. The study of Dermatoglyphics is an ancient Oriental art of obtaining, comparing, identifying and analyzing these patterns.

What IMI has framed as its task is the advancement of this ancient art, and applications of it in a modern context. At IMI Infinity, we use custom-designed hardware and specialized software to methodically collect the dermatoglyphics from the client. These prints are then assessed and evaluated by a master analyst manually to generate the Innate Brain Map of a individual.

The cumulative research into Dermatoglyphics over the centuries, has been refined and reinforced by IMI investigations. An advanced methodology has been evolved to accurately examine them and to create the most useful assessment reports.

ctwA proper understanding of the innate intellects in an individual will help determine the most suitable learning strategy for him/her. Many people have what we call eidetic memory (i.e. they vividly recall what they see). They have excellent snapshots in their mind of the things they observe or read. Some others recall musical notes accurately from a single listening or can reproduce parts of a conversation verbatim (i.e. in the original words that were used). Also there are those who learn best with their own hands as they carry out a task which consists of a sequence of operations, some simple and some complex. This is the basis for what is termed in IMI's reporting terminology as “Chalk Learner, Walk Learner and Talk Learner.” From your dermatoglyphic analysis, the consultants at IMI Infinity can identify the best learning strategy for you and aid you in performing better in your learning activities.

A related but equally valuable service that IMI Infinity renders is to help individuals at various career stages with evaluating their professional options in an objective manner. The focus is on you – the person considering and making the choices. It's not only about the many different lines of work in this world – it's about what is already inside the person who is to venture into a profession. What would be best for you that taps the potential that exists within you – that you are most likely to succeed at, that will provide the various kinds of material and psychological satisfaction you need, that you will continue to progress in without reaching a stagnation? At IMI Infinity, we are very earnest about this view of career planning that takes an inside-out approach, with you as the focus.

A holistic practice has been built by IMI which respectfully applies an ancient art of delving into the mysteries that make an individual tick, and combines it with an understanding of modern concepts in learning and choice-making. The results can offer tremendous benefit for those deciding on academic pursuits or career directions.

Additionally, affirmations from the medical and scientific community regarding dermatoglyphics (over 14,000 research papers and studies) have proven the validity and importance in the relationship between our brain and our fingerprints. IMI has produced over 250k brain mappings with a 99.7% accuracy.

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