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Social Challenges

imi-post-1Almost anywhere you live today, you interact with many people each day. Those people may include your family, friends, co-workers, service workers who prepare your food or sell you things, and strangers you pass every day. Dealing with people can present a challenge!

IMI provides information about personality types as a portion of the Innate Intellect Evaluation. That information can assist you to better understand yourself first. As you understand yourself better, you will know how to lead with your strengths and how to work to minimize your weaknesses. You learn how you are wired and what motivates you to do what you do. As you understand yourself more, you value what you bring to the table in all of your relationships from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond.

Understanding the four LIFE personality types can also help you better understand other people better so that relationships become a little easier to navigate. For example, if your personality type is Efficient and you are working with a Leader, you understand that that person can be very independent, practical and decisive, but also dominating flexibly challenged and sometimes harsh and insensitive when expressing opinions. If you are working with an Idealist, that person might expect you to help maintain and orderly and exact environment, and demonstrate a critical and indecisive personality at times, as well being highly detail oriented and a bit of a micromanager.

Whomever you have to deal with, you can find ways to put your best foot forward because you know what you are capable of and how you respond. You can navigate relationships by better understanding Leaders, Idealists, Flamboyants and Efficients. It takes all kinds to make up your world, so appreciate and enjoy people for their uniqueness.