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LIFE Model

Personality is the unique way an individual learns to deal with the challenges of life and work. It is the general trend of how a person thinks and behaves. It's based on a few inherited traits, but mostly it's how a person builds on that, making decisions in life to learn a certain way, interact a certain way, solve problems a certain way, etc.

Personality is only one of the ways a person is unique. Separate from personality are knowledge, skills, an interaction of intellects, motivation, memories and resources. Studies show that there are only 4 types of personalities in the world.

Over the years, renowned psychologists like Garry Coture, William Marstin and James H Brewer have developed different styles to explain the 4 personality types. IMI has customized Dr. Gary Couture's bird personality profiling namely Eagle for Leader, Owl for Idealist, Peacock for Flamboyant and Dove for efficient as LIFE PROFILE.