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Relationship Issues

angry-couple_thumbMost couples, at some point in their relationship, find a moment when they cannot see eye to eye. While relationship issues stem from many different sources, most of the time it is related to either a misunderstanding of personality type or an element of how one of the persons is innately wired. These misunderstandings often turn to feelings of bitterness and resentment which then, in turn, lead to a break up or divorce.

By discovering each of your innate intellects and personality traits it becomes much easier to become forgiving and, more importantly, understanding of one another. What many couples find is that they are able to turn what seemed to be a liability or challenge in the relationship and instead turn it into a strength.

IMI's LIFE Model of personality types shares an incredible depth of information that help couples in relationships and marriages thrive. The brain mapping, which reveals the personality type, provides tools and details about how to gain understanding, repair hurt and grow deeper in those relationships.marriage_thumb

Better Marriage By combining our in-depth evaluation through brain mapping and working with one of our certified consultants, couple are transforming how they perceive, interact and work through their relationship. When used prior to marriage, it is a powerful tool to help prevent many challenges and hardships. In addition most couples find that they gain a deeper understanding of the person they love.