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pic-schoolChildren can be more effectively educated if their strengths/inclinations are identified early. They need help in evaluating career options and in forming ambitions. Leading schools are looking at strategies to equip their students with an edge and inspire them to remarkable achievement. School Board members and senior teachers who frame the goals for their institutions are considering contemporary techniques and teaching aids that will make learning easier for their students. They are also trying to guide them towards careers they would be suited for.

IMI Infinity works with schools to deliver the IMI methodology and counselling within the institution's pedagogical framework. Parents can opt to avail of concessional terms offered specially at schools, and have the convenience of the procedure conducted in the school.

In an era where cautionary measures have to be taken against students falling victim to pressure or suicidal tendencies, such assessment can gauge the student's innate orientation. This will help to avert wastage of time and resources also in pursuing something that is contrary to the student's profile of innate areas of strength. IMI Infinity counselors can present a case study in your School and provide a background to the school's students on Multiple Intellects at your invitation.