More Confident In Who I Am

The personality type is right on. I am more Left brain. Infinity???? What does that mean? Do I have infinite ability? If so, Wow I felt like God gave me a gift. I need to use it.The value I get out of this is to be more careful about labeling myself as (being a certain way, or type of person), when it is clear I get to choose because I have A LOT of flexibility.

With 8 infinities at first I thought it was a little vague. What makes sense now is how my exposure and experience in the different intellects has really shaped who I am, and who I can be. I know now how focusing on an intellect, I CAN and do strengthen them.

I believe more in my abilities now, and that I can learn more, do more, play bigger. Overall, I’m more confident in who I am and can be. I’m more aware of using all learning styles, and consciously decide to use weaker and stronger areas together to take advantage of my ability to be “flexible” I know I can relate to more people, and be a better leader by using ALL the talents God gave me, and stop limiting thinking.

~A. Aukes