My Visual Has Come Alive!

I was very emotional when I first saw my profile. I was first disappointed because I did not have the personality style I wanted to have and secondly I was emotional because as the information was shared and what it meant; it was like my past was flashing in segments through my head and I saw and understood how I got to where I am today, the good and the not-so-good some things really made sense, even though this probably doesn’t make sense. At first I was unimpressed with my fingerprints looking for some “special” sign that I was special. But what I got was just how perfectly I was created for the path that was before me. I saw how I was given the tools and the strengths to handle and overcome what was before me as I began and fulfilled my life’s journey.

I am stunned at how “spot on” the information was. I have studied myself for over 20 years, wanting to fix me and improve me. I know me, and yet I learned so much more about me. It showed me some deeper structure and some hidden elements of some things I previously thought I knew.

The profile has helped me to understand, nay, confirmed that I am unique, that I am one-of-a- kind, that I was not a mistake and that there is a divine hand guiding me from the beginning of time. It has also clearly confirmed by exact learning styles which has made a huge shift in my learning and using of my brain!!

My Visual has come alive! I was always under the belief that, “I am not visual”, yet I learn so visually and I am gifted in the Creative lobe with reverse thinking, what I call Ironman. It allows me to see clearly so many different outcomes, I can see clearly now!!! My visual, creative mind is alive and on fire! This knowledge has given me the freedom to hit the gas pedal. The profile confirmed some ideas and negated some, there is no more guessing! I can step out with certainty knowing who I am and how I work!

I am excited about learning all I can about myself and how God has made the human creature that he loves so much. I am excited about the impact we can have on people and their belief systems, to help everyone know and believe that they are unique, special and created unlike anybody else for their own special purpose!

~Scott V. Black